Café Shelburne

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Dessert Menu

Creme Brulee.     Creamy egg custard topped with a caramelized crust.

 Profiteroles au Chocolat.  "Pate a choux" filled with homemade vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce.

Les Sorbets.  Homemade assorted sorbets.

 Marquise au Chocolat. Dense chocolate mousse surrounded by ladyfingers,   espresso crème anglaise sauce.

Mousse a la Noix de Coco.  Coconut mousse, toasted coconut flakes, raspberry sauce and fresh berries.

All desserts 8.00

Cafe Shelburne Chocolate      Truffles    $3.00pc

A box of 12 for $30

A box of 6 for $20